Retirement Solutions

pension plans

Create corpus for your Golden Phase. Enjoy and live all your dreams to the fullest with LIC's pension plans and Combinations.

Human Life Value

Life Insurance

The human-life approach is a method of calculating the amount of life insurance a family will need that is based on the financial loss the family would incur if the Breadwinner of family pass away.

Funding child's education

Child education

Child Plans are special insurance plans that offer maturity benefits along with insurance cover. They provide required economic support to meet your child's education expenses at key milestones in life. They are an integral part of financial planning for child's education. This plan provides Child's Education Can Continue Even in your absence.

Funding for child's marriage

Term Assurance

A grand wedding for children is the dream of every parent. However, with the rising living standards and increasing inflation rate, meeting the expenses of a marriage ceremony may turn challenging if you don't pre-plan everything.

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